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Top 10 Secrets to a Great International Resume

February 9, 2012 Leave a comment

As if it isn’t hard enough to design a resume, when it comes to looking for work in another country, you also have to know the acceptable formats and guidelines for writing a resume that gets noticed by foreign recruiters.

Join us for an info-packed session designed to show you some of the top secrets to making sure your resume gets noticed AND accepted by hiring managers in the country where you are applying for jobs.

Co-Founder of, Gavin Redelman will share some of the little-know tricks of the trade to developing a resume that works for a foreign audience.

Come learn how differences in spelling, pictures and even design format could send your resume to the “no” pile!

If you are looking for work in another country, you can’t afford to miss this session!

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Webinar Information

Date: February 21, 2012

Time: 7.00pm ET

Duration: 60 minutes

Host: Gavin Redelman

Cost: FREE


Host Information:

Gavin Redelman is the founder of RedStarResume and known as a career strategist and master of “Achievement Based” resume writing. Recognised as an expert in the field of resume writing, job search strategies, job interviewing and also as a prolific blogger and author, Gavin has had articles published around the world in newspapers, journals, student and graduate publications, career websites and magazines.