If you want to get a job, your resume and cover letter are by far your most valuable assets. This is what we do at RedStarResume – we write the resume that gets you a job. When you see over 100 resumes a day, 5 days a week, that’s over 26,000 a year! Our specialist team has years of combined experience in writing and recruitment, and we know the difference between a good resume, a great resume, and most importantly, a resume that will actually get you an interview. At the end of the day, getting you to that interview is our specialty.

Make no mistake – the wrong resume leads to no interviews and ultimately no job. So the question is: what do you need to do to get your resume noticed by your potential employer?

We have seen the widest variety of resumes, from the absolute bizarre (accompanied by lipstick marks) to the most creative (with pictures and logos), but at the end of the day both resumes ended up in the same place – the “deleted items” folder.

The sad thing is most resumes that get sent to the “deleted items” folder belong to people with the knowledge, experience, and skills that make them more qualified for the jobs they are applying for.

 Why Does this happen?

Why do you apply for jobs and never get responses?

Why is your “friend” with half your knowledge and skills getting interview requests?

While you may feel that you are the perfect fit for a job, it means absolutely nothing if you don’t have the right resume and cover letter. Remember – the resume is the most important tool you have to “sell yourself” to your future employer.

It’s hard enough to get a job in this current economic climate. Trust the experts at RedStarResume – don’t let your dream job pass you by.



  1. June 3, 2010 at 6:25 pm


    Hey! I just contacted you on LinkedIn. I am also a resume writer and work as a Careers Editor at iGrad.com in San Diego. I am writing because I randomly came across your blog and was wondering if you could guest post for iGrad. Were an online community that helps recent grads “master the real world.”

    With graduation having just passed, job hunting is obviously a popular topic. Getting your perspective would be great. I agree with you on not listing hobbies on the resume. These kinds of topics are exactly what we are going for.

    Let me know what you think.

    ~Michelle Barbeau
    p.s. In case you’re interested, my blog is careerconfidante.wordpress.com

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