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Dress for Success

guest-blogging-1We have all been there (and if you say you haven’t – I think you might be telling porky pies) your phone has just rung, it is a potential employer asking you to come in for your first job interview in 2/4/6/years or possibly ever at 9am the following morning. You are elated and excited then suddenly – a slight bit of fear sets in as you think – WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!

Dressing for interviews is not as straight forward as it seems – especially when you are interviewing for a job outside of the corporate arena. The corporate arena dress code for interviews is very obvious however it can be harder for people outside of this area to always know what to wear. At JobFlex we believe it is very important to errr on the side of caution when choosing your clothes for an interview.

If you are working in retail, hospitality, trades and services, healthcare or another related industry – it is vital to appear as professionally polished dress wise as you possibly can i.e If you own a suit (we are talking a men or women here), this is the time to bring it out. We strongly believe at JobFlex, that if have a suit in your wardrobe, it is great to wear it for any type of job interview.

However, if you don’t own a suit and are interviewing for a position outside of the corporate sphere then please don’t panic, race out to buy one or even borrow one that doesn’t fit properly just for the sake of wearing one (we told you dressing for interviews is not as straight forward as you think!!).

If this is the case then we recommend the following dress should be adhered to:


Chino style pants – most definitely not JEANS. We DO recommend you go and purchase a pair if you do not own them. If your budget is more Kmart than Country Road, that’s fine – however make sure they fit properly (ie not too long dragging along the ground!).

Collared long sleeve shirt –Classic and simple is the key here. Business blue or white works well otherwise an understated, simple pattern is fine. Nothing loud, overly bright or obnoxious. Remember you want to make an impression based on your skills, experience and personality not via your shirt!

Shoes – again, dress shoes are best. Most definitely not thongs or sneakers! As dressy shoes as you own

Other important elements to remember are a belt, plain coloured dark socks (leave all cartoon character+ sporting team socks in the cupboard) neat and tidy hairstyle, remove all obvious piercings, apply subtle aftershave.


Tailored or fitted pants/skirt – again, under no circumstances wear denim! If you are wearing a skirt, ensure it is of an appropriate length and if you opt for pants, ensure they are not too long or with scruffy ends. Think neat and tidy!

Neat and simple blouse/shirt – stay clear of any crazy fashion trends here, as minimal and fuss free as possible. Singlets are not appropriate to wear to an interview – make sure your shoulders are covered up!

Shoes – closed in toe is always the rule here. No sandals or thongs and on the other hand no towering chunky platforms, a neat ballet flat or a simple pump is preferred.

Other important elements to remember are a belt, simple and natural make up, subtle perfume, a neat and tidy hairstyle and remove all obvious piercings.

Remember, first impressions last. The very first thing an interviewer is going to notice when you walk into a room are the clothes you are wearing. You could be the perfect candidate for a role – you don’t want what you are wearing (or not wearing) to put a dent in your chances of securing the job!

Article written by the team at Jobflex

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