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Landing a High-Paying Job in Tough Times

lens20530696_1359353361-As the Australian job market is softening, finding a well paid job is becoming a more challenging task than before. National Australia Bank’s quarterly business survey, released in February 2013, shows a clear majority of firms cut their payrolls in the December 2012 quarter and intend cutting further in the March 2013 quarter. Landing high-paying jobs in the current business environment requires not only education and talent, but also a lot of work invested by job seekers. Here are four solid tips to help you land a well paid job.

Keep a close eye on company websites

Go direct. A comprehensive research of sources-of-hire from SilkRoad concluded in 2012 that company career sites were the number one online recruitment source for interviews and hires in the US. This research results showed that the number of interviews and hires from job applications made on employer websites exceeded any other online source – including individual Job Boards and vertical job search sites. In Australia, Snipey lists more than 20,000 jobs directly from employer websites – many are not advertised on commercial Job Boards, which charge advertising fees. Applying for direct jobs can save your potential employer significant recruitment costs and may put you in a better position to negotiate an increased salary package.

Develop your soft skills

Great managers usually have outstanding soft skills. So get used to the idea that achieving a well paid leadership position requires more than just being technically good at your job. Soft skills revolve around personal relationships, character, and attitude. If you are finding that some of these soft skills do not come naturally to you, you must learn how to improve them so they’ll become a natural reflex for you in dealing with people every day. Some of the basics are: make eye contact, monitor your body language, practice speaking and develop your writing skills. Remember that soft skills are something you’ll need to cultivate on an on-going basis if you want to land a high-paying job.

Keep your technical skills updated

Knowledge professions (e.g. IT, Engineering, Marketing and Finance) require you to keep learning. Professional development is a key whether you are employed or not. If you are employed try to expand your skill set through new and diversified assignments. Look for new opportunities within your organisation that will leverage and expand your skill set. Try to seek broad tasks of increased responsibilities to establish a more diversified professional experience. Whether you are employed or not aim to participate in courses that enhance or update your professional development, especially in the case of IT jobs , Accounting jobs and Marketing jobs , which often require frequent update in knowledge base.

Be a strategic networker

Well-paid jobs are often filled through personal networking, sometimes before there is an official opening for a job. Being an effective networker often involves being influential, relevant, honest, consistent and thankful. There are important avenues to demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. For example, you can volunteer for industry trade associations, speak at conferences and publish a blog to establish your leadership position. Try to go for specific networking groups – online and offline – and remember to be patient. Being a ‘job hopper’ may be regarded as a red flag for some employers and recruiters.

By Chris Jones, Snipey Job Search

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