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What is so important about a CV?


Each time you look in the mirror what do you see? Yep, your own mug! You can change your hair style, have a shave, add some lippy but it’s still your face. Before we leave the house each day we (most of us) do something to better our presentation to the awaiting public. Why do we do this? For most of us it’s to feel better about ourselves and knowing that whoever you meet through your day will have a better first impression of who you are, even before we open our mouths!

I have reviewed thousands of CV’s and still get amazed at the lack of attention some job seekers pay to a document which, when you break it down, could be the most important document you will ever produce!

A good CV is the gateway to the job you are applying for. Landing that job is then the gateway to earning an income, earning an income is a crucial part of functioning in the general community and contributes greatly to our feelings self-worth. We all know the importance of feeling good about ourselves, it’s why we look in the mirror in the morning and pay attention to how we appear.

You wouldn’t go to a job interview with a piece of lettuce wedged between your teeth, so should you compromise

on the time spent a document which could determine how you spend your entire working day?

Creating a quality CV is no different. A document which clearly describes your skills, abilities, qualifications, practical experience, achievements and goals is a crucial part of any application process. For many of us it is the only hope we have of getting close to securing the job we want.

The reliance employers place on a well-structured and well written CV cannot be underestimated. Equally the content of your CV should be specifically tailored to each job you are applying for, paying special attention to the skills and experiences which are outlined in the job advert or job description. Remember the person who has to read your CV may have a hundred from which to select only small handful for interview. This can be a tedious task and if your CV is unclear, has poor layout or full of irrelevant information he or she will likely, very quickly, move on to the next one.

Remember, when you are writing your CV you are not just listing your skills. You are showing the world who you are, what you can bring to an employer and why they should hire you!There is no single best way to write a CV, as it is your document, you can structure as you wish. However if unsure you should seek advice from a professional CV writing expert who will assist in creating a great document.

Don Robertson is the Managing Director of  http://www.jobflexonline.com.au

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