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Creating a Personal Brand

guest-blogging-1Building a brand for yourself has become a relatively new and stressed concept for job seekers and career coaching. In today’s world more focus has been placed on the individual ensuring that we are handling our own careers and career path and moving away from focusing on defining yourself based on a job title. Regardless of age, position, or the business we are in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding as a brand ensures you are being represented the way YOU want. Everyone has the opportunity to learn how to market their brand, improve and build upon their skills and market themselves. The following are some ways to create your personal brand:

Rethinking the way you view your career: Like we mentioned previously, you shouldn’t be focusing on your job title or viewing yourself as an employee. Instead you should be asking what do I bring to my job of value and what of my skills or experiences that I am most proud of. It is these skills, experiences and assets that help create your brand.

Reassess your loyalties: Your brand and loyalty to yourself should be placed first, then loyalty to your team, your project, your customers, and your company. You should still maintain your high level of work quality but remember to always be protecting your brand.

Authenticity: You can’t promote an honest brand about yourself until you are honest about who you are, meaning your skills, attributes and qualities.

Learn from the big “boys”: Big brands highlight what makes them different form their competition and you need to do the same. Identify what makes you distinctive from the competition, what makes you stand out and your greatest strengths compared to others.

Visibility: Build your profile internally and externally to make yourself more visible and stand out from t he competition. Examples include networking, volunteering for high-profile projects, showcase your skills in presentations, submit articles for internal or external publications, and use social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter to promote yourself.

Consistency: Once you have developed and designed your brand, you have to make sure that your message is consistent. Everything you do, or choose not to do, impacts your personal brand, this means from the way you talk on the phone to the way you behave at meetings or write emails all affects your brand.

Your network: Your friends, colleagues, clients, and customers are an important marketing vehicle for your brand. What is said about you by them helps influence and also determine the value of your brand.

Look for feedback: It’s critical to keep checking the value of your brand and this is done primarily be seeking feedback and asking those around you for honest constructive feedback. Another way to check your brand influence is to go for job interviews, regardless of whether you wish to change jobs, which will help you test your market value.

Perform regular checks: You should keep checking what motivates you as your goals or desires could have changed and then your brand should reflect those new changes as well. Write yourself a personal statement about why you work and check it regularly to see if it has changed.

Author: Vlasta Eriksson
Founder and Managing Director
Signature Staff


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