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Is Your Job Seeking Strategy Working?

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to Corey Harlock – The Creator of Skills to Achieve and the Fearless Job Seeker System (Check out his new youtube video 3 Reasons to be courageous in your job search)

With knowledge and expertise in helping job seekers convert applications into interviews and interviews in job offers, Corey shares a few tips below:

“If your resume is not getting you interviews and your interviews are not getting you job offers – your strategy is NOT working.

The worst thing you can to yourself, your family and your future is to limit your chances of success by using the same information EVERYONE else is using. Think about that for just a second. The information you are incorporating into your job search is the same as the tens of thousands of job seekers out there – no wonder no one is calling!

To me, that is the BIGGEST problem with the whole “job search” arena and most of the experts out there. Everyone is using the same “rule book” and giving the same bad advice to everyone who is looking for a job, how can you possibly stand out and get hired.

Here is what I know… there is absolutely NO rule book, guidelines, etiquette you MUST follow when applying, interviewing, negotiating or accepting a job – NONE! But somehow I spend a lot of time reversing the effects of bad advice on people who are looking for work.

So to be courageous in your job search you need to be prepared to admit 3 things right now:
1. What you are doing isn’t working and will never be effective.
2. This is YOUR LIFE and it is way too important not to do whatever you can to get employed and provide for yourself, your family and your future – even if it means doing breaking rules (that don’t exist) and taking control of your job search.
3. It’s time for a NEW BEGINNING! Forget all the old advice and techniques you have been taught and are using. If you aren’t getting interviews or offers they aren’t working. Start fresh with a new approach and unique way of building your strategy.
I know many of you reading this are either in disbelief that I would suggest that what you are doing is wrong. Some of you might even be angry with me, “I can’t believe this guy, who does he think he is?”

The truth here is… I get people interviews and job offers by combining 3 unique elements of your job search; job search psychology, inside information and a unique and different strategy.

If you can get out of the way of what you think you know and agree with the 3 points above, you might be ready to be Fearless in your job search!”

Join the revolution and get your FREE Fearless Job Search Tips and start changing the way you approach your job search. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world… usually do.” Apple Commercial from 1997…

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