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Is it time for a Job Interview? Are you prepared to answer all the tough Job Interview Questions?

Unless you are born extremely rich and plan on spending the rest of your life lying on your own private island or you have a family business you can move into, chances are at some stage in your life you are going to have sit face to face with a hiring manager in a job interview.

The interview is your time to shine. Don’t be intimidated because you don’t think you have all the skills that are wanted in the job specification. Most businesses will teach you as you go, so lacking a certain skill will not mean you can’t get the job. If you do lack certain skills or experience, you need to work twice as hard in your interview to portray the skills that you have and can bring to the job. It is a myth to think that the most skilled person will get the job. When it comes to hiring the right person, it is about the overall package – skills, personality, confidence and also the passion you show in your interview.

The brand new Ebook from RedStarResume – “Interview Secrets Exposed” will teach you everything you need to know to easily prepare yourself for your next important job interview and most importantly be able to nail the job interview. Rather than going into the interview feeling nervous and unprepared, you can stand out from the competition and force the hiring manager to take notice. This simple, powerful formula guarantees you will be prepared for any question that comes your way.

Learn everything you need to know to prepare yourself for the interview including

  • Researching and preparation
  • How to answer Ice Breaking Questions
  • The most frequently asked interview questions and answers
  • Open Ended and Closed Ended Questions
  • General “Standard” Interview Questions
  • Behavioural questions and examples
  • 50 most asked Behavioural Interview Questions
  • Situational Questions
  • What to wear to the job interview
  • Asking the interviewer questions
  • Dressing for the Interview
  • Top 10 Job Interview Blunders
  • How to Answer Illegal Interview Questions

Plus: Bonus material “how to nail the Telephone Interview” and “following up after the Interview”

Job Interviewing does not have to be a scary experience! Research, Prepare and Practice and you are already another step closer to landing your next job.



Time for an Interview?

Interview Secrets Exposed

Interview Questions Interview Samples Interview Tips and Advice

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