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“The Ultimate Guide to your 20s”


121 pages on how to succeed in your 20’s. Written by Dain Lewis from the Smart College Grad (www.thesmartcollegegrad.com)

Dain has collaborated the The Ultimate Guide to Your 20s- Tips & Secrets for Your Job Search, Career, Finances, and More!”

Written by the top experts, in the fields of job searching, career, and financial advice for those in their 20s, this fantastic FREE EBook will provide you with answers to some of the top questions you are facing! …. Search hard enough and find a couple of tips from RedStarResume!  

Click here to Download the Ultimate Guide to your 20s


Contributors of the Ebook:

Author: Dain Lewis  http://thesmartcollegegrad.com/

Shane Mac: http://sayhellothere.com/

Rao Srinivas from http://theskooloflife.com/

Stephanie http://www.twenty-somethingtravel.com/

Ryan Paugh http://www.BrazenCareerist.com/

Gavin Redelman http://www.redstarresume.com/

Charlie Hoehn http://www.CharlieHoehn.com/


Lauren Bayne Anderson http://www.monstercollege.com/


Rich DeMatteo http://www.cornonthejob.com/

Mary Colomba http://experience.com/

Kevin Donlin, Instant Job Search System

Adam Starr http://monstercollege.com/


Jenny Blake http://www.lifeaftercollege.org/

David Weliver http://www.moneyunder30.com/

Jarret Turner: http://budgetsnob.com/

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