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25 College Blogs for the College Student!

Here is a list of my favourite top 25 blogs for the college student. These great blogs are fun, informative and provide great tips and advice for the college student or recent graduate


Life After College

There’s no manual for the real world. Find resources for life, work, money, happiness, personal growth, productivity and more:  http://www.lifeaftercollege.org/

Graduated And Clueless

Graduated And Clueless is Your Source for Conquering Life After College! http://graduatedandclueless.com/

Life is like a box of chocolates

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” http://www.lifeschocolates.com/

Hooking Up Smart

HookingUpSmart.com aims to support women and men in their search for meaningful relationships http://www.hookingupsmart.com/

The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is a blog for those of us who need both cents and sense http://www.thesimpledollar.com/

Google Student Blog

Google news and updates especially for students http://googleforstudents.blogspot.com/

My Very Worst Date

War zone reporting from the dating trenches: yellers, criers, freeloaders, psychos, the depraved, etc http://www.myveryworstdate.com/

The “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks

A moderated blog with user-submitted pictures of quotation marks used improperly, with humorous commentary. http://www.unnecessaryquotes.com/

Green Smoothie Girl

Helping you achieve extraordinary health eating whole foods. http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/

Student Branding Blog

Navigating Students to Future Success! http://studentbranding.com/


We started this site, because after College we found ourselves, as well as many of our friends, going through the “After- college crisis.” http://themadgrad.com/

Courting Your Career

Match yourself with the perfect job http://courtingyourcareer.wordpress.com/


Gearfire is a student productivity and organization blog, bringing you tips for academic success. http://www.gearfire.net/


We decided to start making T-shirts because we want people to have fun, laugh, look good, feel comfortable http://blog.bustedtees.com/


Relax grab a beer and read what HoboStudent.com has to offer. http://hobostudent.com/

Surviving College Life

Surviving College Life is every student’s guide to the ins and outs of college. http://www.survivingcollegelife.com/

Every College Girl

The concept is simple: “things every college girl should know” http://everycollegegirl.com/

Lazy Man and Money

Lazy Man and Money is my personal journal where I explore how I can save money and make more money. http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/

Man vs. Debt

Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love http://manvsdebt.com/

Overheard at College.com

Overheard something funny or interesting on campus? Post it Here! http://www.overheardatcollege.com/

Ivy Gate

News, gossip and commentary blog that covers the Ivy League http://www.ivygateblog.com/

College Candy

Read, frollick, comment, catfight: Have it out at CollegeCandy http://collegecandy.com/


Photographs of vaguely threatening signs, notes and messages http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com/

The Prereq

The Prereq: Required reading for your college world http://theprereq.com/

Poorer Than You

Money issues for college students and 20-somethings, without being boring http://poorerthanyou.com/

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