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Saving money with Amazon!

By Lauren Daley – University of Colorado, Boulder

As a student, I am always looking for ways to save money. I use discounts and promotions when I buy food, gas, and I always try to save money when it comes to buying anything school-related. When you’re a poor college student like me every saving helps. You don’t have to necessarily sacrifice the “finer things in life”, but you do need to shop more wisely. Trust me – doing a little bit of research and knowing a few tips can help you save hundreds of dollars!


It seems like the prices of textbooks are getting more expensive every year, and it’s only been this year that I discovered a number of ways to save money on textbooks, and all of these options are on amazon.com. If you’re like me and you don’t want to pay full price, or if the discounts on used books at the bookstore just aren’t good enough, then I have three tips to share to help you save money!


 1) Gold Box Deal of the Day

The Gold Box Deal of the Day is an Amazon incentive that is not widely known. Every day, Amazon offers a particular deal at an amazing savings rate. Typically, all savings are up to 50-75% off their normal price.


2) Sign up for Amazon Student.

After I signed up to Amazon Student I was able to save up to 30% on the price of new textbooks. In addition, Amazon also offers great value for used textbooks through their Textbook Buyback program. By becoming a member of Amazon Student, you are also entitled to other free benefits including shipping, shopping benefits, exclusive offers etc. It’s free to sign up so there’s nothing to lose!


3) My favourite section is the: Deals and Bargains Section

The title speaks for itself. Keep an eye on this section and you can receive huge markdowns and special promotions. You can find anything here from clothing, electronics, movies, books etc. Savings can start from as little as 5% and go up to as high as 80%.


Good Luck and Happy Shopping!




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