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Ask The Expert!

 Dean Bernard is a 10 year veteran in the recruitment world. Highly regarded as one of the best in the business, Dean sat down with RedStarResume to answer the big questions!

(RedStarResume) How is the state of the economy?

Too often I hear people tell me how bad things are. If I got a dollar for every time I heard “There are no jobs available” I would be worth millions. Its true that finding a job is tougher then what it was 5 years ago however due to the internet and new social networking sites (LinkedIN, facebook etc) there are now more opportunities for people to network and spread their resume to the right people. Social networking sites have opened up a whole new way for candidates to sell themselves online  

(RedStarResume) Advice for people wanting to make a career change

PLAN!!!! Changing your career is not an overnight move. It can take 6-12 months to plan out your change and execute your plan into action. You are going to encounter hurdles and obstacles along the way but as long as you stick to your plan anyone can make a career change.

(RedStarResume) What is the single most important thing a candidate can do when going for an interview?

First impressions! – Dress correctly, shine your shoes, tuck in your shirt, don’t chew gum etc.  All the small things are so important. It is amazing how many candidates fail the job interview because their first impressions were bad

(RedStarResume) What is your #1 Resume Tip?

Include your achievements!!!!! Your resume is your selling tool. Until you can meet the interviewer in person your resume is your selling tool. The hiring manager wants to know about your achievements and how you have excelled in your previous positions. When a hiring manager is reading through 100 resumes the skills of each candidate are going to be fairly similar. You need to make yourself stand out from the competition by emphasizing your achievements and how you have contributed to the success of your previous employment

(RedStarResume) What is your view on using a professional resume service?

I have always been a big advocate of using an expert in all aspects of life. When you’re buying a house you use a professional agent, if your toilet is leaking – you call an expert plumber. It is the same when deciding to go for a job. The more help you can get the greater your chances of succeeding. A professional resume writer can help you ensure that your resume is formatted correctly, targeted towards the job you are applying and adequately highlights your skills and achievements. Most importantly they will help you stay ahead of your competition. The job search can be one of the most difficult and stressful tasks so the more help you can get the better!

 (RedStarResume) Any Secret Tips a candidate can do during the interview

The secret tip is what the candidate can do before the interview. Preparation is the key. When the interviewer asks you if you have any questions , make sure you have questions ready to go. My tip to candidates is to be positive and under no circumstance NEVER NEVER bad mouth your previous employer,

Final Question:

(RedStarResume) Is there such a thing as a perfect job?

Yes of course! You need to work out what you are passionate about and follow your dreams. Sometimes in life your path takes you in a different direction but as long as you’re focused and determined you can find yourself your own perfect job.  Good luck!

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