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With so many job websites on the internet which ones are the best?

RedStarResume posted this question to our readers.

Find below their answers!

“I think the first place to look might be for specialist job sites relating specifically to your area of expertise. Think about it from a recruiters point of view – which sites are they likely to browse for CVs or post jobs? The big ones like Monster, Jobsite etc are always good as a starting point and then go down the specialist route. More and more recruiters are resorting to using sites like Linked In to find candidates, so perhaps the question should be what is the best websites to be seen on for finding jobs?”  Rowena

“In my opinion LinkedIN is about the best. I have met more people and received more interest in my business on LinkedIN than anywhere else. The big advantage is that people can see your recommendations and get an immediate sense of whether you are trustworthy or not, and networking is always more powerful than cold calling. The one disadvantage is that LinkedIn’s job postings are not used as heavily as the big name boards like CareerBuilder. The best one I have found for sheer volume of postings is Indeed.com. Basically it displays the jobs from multiple other sites”   Jeff

“Using LinkedIN as a social, business networking site is the best way…” Dave

“I teach job hunting and there is really one website that I heartily recommend other than using business and social networking websites like LinkedIn and Facebook for job search. You really must make sure you have profiles on both of those (but there are others such as Twitter, Myspace, Plaxo, Zing, Ning). Although Indeed.com has competitors such as Simply Hired or Jobster, I have done research and find that it has the highest number of jobs and the best reputation. The wonderful thing about Indeed.com and others of it’s kind, is it feeds information from other job hunting websites such as Monster, Careerbuilder, etc. and you can create advanced searches or job agents to be sent directly to your email address or to check payscales and trends for your particular job or career interest.
One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you have a certain specialty in a particular field that has its own popular job hunting website that is widely used by employers (for example if you wish to work for academia), it may benefit you to do your research and use that website also to search for jobs you want and to keep up with their news and information”  Elizabeth

“LinkedIn – if you have a good network and an in-demand skill set!”  Maria

“Check out indeed.com and simplyhired.com. Both are aggregators” Judy

“LinkedIn is a necessity in today’s job market and definitely tops the list, but I discovered a new online job site a few months ago that has tremendous potential — Check out Jobfox.com http://jobfox.com/”  Traci

“As per my experience local job portals are better than non local sources.Try to localize search in google for good sources of jobs” Ben

“I think the answer you are looking for is Monster.com, Headhunter.net, BigShoes.com and the like.
Unfortunately, they aren’t the best for job hunters. Only 1% of job seekers actually get a job through apply to an internet ad. In short, if a position is posted on one of those sites, it’s probably too late.
More than 3/4th of all jobs are found through networking. LinkedIn and Facebook are social networking sites. Therefore, they are better to use than Monster.com
Don’t get me wrong. I did find a job through an internet ad once. I’m just saying look at the odds. If you are spending 90% of your time on Headhunter.net, you are wasting your time. Allocate your time to the areas of your search that will give you the most success – This usually begins and ends with networking”  Aaron

“I would strongly recommend O-net; a career exploration website created for the US Department of Labor. In addition, you might find a similar website developed by your own state’s workforce development group.
This website provides information on occupations and industries, including wages and hiring trends.  Once armed with this information, using Google, Linkedin and Indeed will enhance your job search.
Finally, if you are not an active member of a local job club ( a job search support group), join one. The value of participating in these networking groups cannot be overstated” Paul

“LinkedIN / brand republic / marketing week / reed.  Depends what roles you are looking for. For advertising, marketing, events, creative, sponsorship, business services try http://www.majorplayers.co.uk – these are the top jobs in these sectors in the recruitment industry” Alex

“I agree that Linkedin is a very important part of networking, but I don’t find leads or stories about companies whose business environment is supportive of adding positions. I use Indeed a lot as it covers the largest number of job boards that I am aware of. It does seem to have a time delay as I have found listing that are no longer active and they will stay on Indeed for a couple of days” Kenneth

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